Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1)

Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) + KEY to test — контрольные задания Теста № 1 с ответами из сборника УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение. Цитаты использованы в учебных целях.

Spotlight 8 Test 1. Только ОТВЕТЫ

A).   1 tapping     2 slim     3 reliable     4 colleagues     5 got over     6 shrugged     7 stubborn     8 acquaintances.
В).   9 bright     10 host     11 fond     12 hug     13 resolve     14 dull     15 accuse.
C).   16 starts     17 Have you met     18 are going     19 will help     20 are staying      21 are going to fall      22 have been waiting      23 will go      24 works      25 is always interrupting.
D).   26 didn’t meet     27 was listening     28 did you take      29 rarely left      30 was watering.
E).   31 the most patient     32 older     33 more sensitive      34 the least      35 the most sociable.
F).   36 Е     37 С     38 В     39 А     40 D.
G).   41 F     42 DS     43 F     44 Т     45 Т.
Н).   46 F     47 С     48 D     49 В     50 А.


Test 1. Задания и Ответы


A) Fill in the missing word/phrase. There are two answers you do not need to use.

1 Tim was ……• tapping……. his foot nervously while he was waiting for his test results.
2 Jane is a pretty girl with blue eyes and a(n) ……• slim…… build.
3 Don’t worry, Greg will be here on time; he’s very ……• reliable …..
4 When Mel told his ……• colleagues……. that he was leaving the company, they decided to buy him a going-away present.

5 I don’t think Claire is going camping this weekend; she still hasn’t …..• got over…… her cold.
6 When we complained to the waiter about the noisy people at the next table, he just ……• shrugged……. his shoulders and said he couldn’t do anything about them.
7 Nadia is so …..• stubborn…….! She never listens to anyone, and does whatever she wants.
8 I only met Mike two weeks ago at a party. We’re not really friends, we’re just …..• acquaintances …….

B) Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

9 Cindy is a very cheerful person who always looks on the ……• bright…… side of life.
10 We always enjoy ourselves when we go to Tom’s parties; he’s an excellent ……• host …..
11 Felicia is very ……• fond…… of dogs, and she’s been asking her parents to get her one for ages.
12 When I told Alan the good news, he gave me a big …..• hug…… and a kiss on the cheek.
13 You don’t need to argue. I’m sure there’s a calmer way for you to …….• resolve……… your differences.
14 The film we went to see last night was so ……• dull…….. that I almost fell asleep at the cinema.
15 Be absolutely sure that it was actually George who told the lies, before you …..• accuse……… him.


C) Underline the correct item.

16 The concert is starting/starts at 9:00. Do you want to go to dinner before that?
17 Have you met/Have you been meeting our new neighbours yet? They seem really nice.
18 We are going/will go to the cinema tomorrow night. Why don’t you join us?
19 I promise I am helping/will help you with your homework as soon as I can.
20 Nicole and her husband stay/are staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the town.

21 Watch where you’re going! You are falling/are going to fall into that hole!
22 Do you know where Sam is? I have waited/ have been waiting for him for over an hour and I’m starting to lose my patience.
23 There’s someone at the door. I go/will go and see who it is.
24 Jane works/has worked at her dad’s restaurant every Friday night.
25 Emma is always interrupting/has always interrupted me whenever I tell a story. It’s so annoying!

D) Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.

26 I ……didn’t meet….. (not/meet) Claudia and Jason for coffee yesterday, because I was too busy.
27 Chris didn’t hear the phone ring because he ……was listening……. (listen) to music very loudly.
28 What time …….did you take……. (you/take) the dog for a walk this morning?
29 My parents …….rarely left………. (rarely/leave) us home alone when we were young.
30 Sandra ……was watering……… (water) the flowers while Ian was cleaning out the garage.

E) Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.

31 Mr Adams is ……the most patient…….. (patient) teacher I have ever had.
32 According to an English saying, the ….older…… (old) we grow, the wiser we become.
33 Don’t you think that Nathan needs to be a bit ……more sensitive…….. (sensitive) to other people’s feelings?
34 Ron was very rude to Mary. I think that …….the least…… (little) he could do is apologise to her.
35 My younger sister is …….the most sociable……. (sociable) person in our family.

Spotlight 8 Test 1

Everyday English

 F Choose the correct response.

36 Can I offer you something? E No thanks, I’m fine.
37 Excuse me! C Yes, can I help you?
38 Talk to you later. В Take care.
39 Гm glad you came. A) So am I.
40 How’s it going? D Fine, thanks.


 G Read the following text and mark the statements as T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn’t say).

41 You should never talk when entering the class. …… F
42 If you are late, you need to bring a note from your parents. …… DS
43 You should never talk in the classroom. …… F
44 It’s OK to tell a joke in the classroom. …… T
45 You should feel free to make any suggestions related to school matters to your teacher. ……. T


 H Listen to some teenagers talking on a radio programme about their friends. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement.

46 Speaker 1 F) The speaker thinks he/she is lucky to have such good friends.

47 Speaker 2 C) The speaker spends all his/her free time with his/her friend.

48 Speaker 3 D) The speaker thinks of his/her friend as part of the family.

49 Speaker 4 B) The speaker and his/her friends share the same pastime.

50 Speaker 5 A) The speaker sees his/her friends every day.


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 1 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др.

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